What I enjoy the most is "dream building"…as vague as that might sound.


The act of listening to someone describe their vision or dream and thinking about how best to help them achieve it.

There is an element of play when creating something new, like putting Lego blocks together and rearranging them until you find the outcome you wanted but didn't know you were looking for. I find joy in that play, as well as in looking back upon all the things I was a part of creating.

My first role was in a startup which I think significantly shaped my views. Seeing an idea turned into a reality and all that goes into that really formed my thoughts on work and how it should be. The importance of collaboration, diverse opinions and yet a shared vision. It is also what lead me to going for a Masters in Entrepreneurship.

The red thread throughout my career is I have always been brought in at the start of something new. These experiences taught me to not be married to any given roadmap as things can change in an instant; the importance of planning solidly and reacting flexibly. It also taught me how quick an initiative can go off track if when you come across obstacles you do not hold your initial purpose as your North Star.

After leading a USD36 million customized leadership development initiative, the largest of its kind in the region. I saw that one could affect real change and help people achieve their vision if one enables leaders in the correct manner. Having worked with both the client side as well as the vendor side I realized that there is a missing link of localization where theories and practices that are being implemented abroad are being implemented in the Gulf without taking into account the culture, governance or current practices.

So now I use my experiences to create customized leadership development programs, I work as a personal development coach and I host a podcast that explores the dichotomy between the cultural norms of the region and the personal needs and aspirations of the younger generation…