Why I Started The Millennial Mirrors Podcast

This post is in relation to Episode 00 of the Millennial Mirrors Podcast, if you have not listened to the episode yet, you can find it here on iTunes and Soundcloud.

Millennial Mirrors came from a void that I saw in the conversations people in the Middle East were having. Conversations about their inner conflicts and what they’re dealing with. The conflicts between what they want, what they feel and what they think; and what is allowed, what is acceptable and what is tolerated.

We live in a time where information is available to all and your phone can give you instant access to the world. A world where it seems like anything is possible, like success is guaranteed if only you would dare, and scrolling through your phone shows you an endless stream of people living “their best life”. But when anything is possible choosing can feel impossible, with rampant examples of success our failure would seem even more humiliating and how could our life not seem miserable in comparison to a curated feed of filtered images?

Still even with those thoughts and in this new era, we forge ahead. We “the millennials” as our generation is referred to. We look for meaning in all the information. We forge our identities digitally as well as in real life and we search for our purpose and the way in which we will leave a mark. Our generation has been described as needing high levels of independence, individuality, and freedom of thought among other things. I can relate to those needs, but not always to their fulfillment. I did not grow up in Western Cultures built upon the individual. I grew up in the Middle East where thinking about your family, your society and the collective comes first, where connection is the name of the game. I love my culture, but only by clashing with it, by stumbling and falling trying to find myself in its shadow did I see it’s true beauty. By looking at it with the same magnifying glass that it looked at me did I learn how to navigate it while staying true to myself.   

We are a generation that has been shifted from its culture by the times. And rather than discuss it, we stay silent. Silence is preferable to rejection by a collective that we have depended on our whole lives. We are a society that is built on connection yet somehow we allow ourselves to feel so isolated within ourselves. Without discussing our issues, we will never learn how to navigate them. Seeing the beauty and strength that can be had from how connected we are is difficult if we are unable to be vulnerable and open. That is why I started this podcast, not because I have the answers but to have these conversations in hopes that maybe more people will do the same.