What is coaching?

Coaching is a powerful relationship, between coach and client focused on unlocking a client’s full potential. It is a process that involves creating awareness, exploration, and a shared journey towards transformational change.



How it works

Want to know more? Get in touch and let’s meet!

We will have a session to check that our chemistry is right for a succesful coaching journey and clarify what your goals are. 

If we decide that we could work well together, I will write you a full proposal and you decide. 



Why work with me as your coach?

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Who am I as a coach?

I am a Dubai based coach offering one to one coaching in Dubai, in both Arabic and English.

My clients commit to a minimum of 3 months for us to work together and create success. The work does not just happen in the sessions but between the sessions as well! The sessions are going to be about being curious, active and looking at your life from perspectives that are not always comfortable. They will also involve techniques that are about letting go and being playful to see what can happen from that space as well. A lot of the growth and work will happen between sessions, but I am there for you throughout to support your journey as your coach.

Each person is unique and different, and I will work with you as such. I see our time together as a journey that will adapt and change to your needs at the time.

Want to find out more? Get in touch!